Sunday, August 16, 2009

Almost that time again.....

School starts again for me on Thursday so I might be a more frequent visitor here if my classes are as boring as last semester, or if they are more difficult (which is probably the case) you will see me even less than you do now. With that preface.....

I spent shabbos with my grandparents. Normally this is a tiring experience, for although I love them dearly they do grow a bit tiresome after long stretches. The moment which I most enjoyed was my grandmother saying to everyone that "I hate to be an anti-semite but when I was in wal-mart the chassidim were so rude that it made me sick. Pushing, shoving, running you down with the carts, being rude.I just can't stand it."

Now there is no doubt where I get it from.

Thanks Grandma.


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