Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gaining Steam

So it is my last day of work for the summer. So far I have not worked but I did go out to lunch with the 2 partners here. Excellent food and surprisingly good company.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

My car is in the shop because it needs a new battery. I am pissed. I bought one and attempted to install it myself. I say attempted because I could not get the terminals off, and the mount cracked. So instead of saving money I now have a $50 installation bill by the mechanic.

In addition, I am going to drive upstate tonight for the weekend, as is the ritual for many of our people during the summer months. It is from the 3 days spent in the Catskills over the weekend where I derive much of my sarcasm and cynicism. I get to see how visitors (Jewish people) to an area they do not inhabit 10 months out of the year (the Catskills), so callously and rudely treat the "natives".

Do jewish people not "get out enough" that they have to run around Wal-Mart wearing Mark Martin hats (the Viagra sponsored NASCAR driver) while waving salamis in the air? Do they have to fake limp to make use of the motorized shopping carts so they can race down the aisles at 0.5 miles an hour?

Is this what they think the rest of the world does when they go shopping?

Ponder and comment over the weekend, i'll be back on Sunday.


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