Friday, January 2, 2009

The Safety Dance

I haven't posted in a week. Only one person, maybe two probably noticed but I will keep posting anyway. I was away for a few days in Atlantic City. A friend of mine who is a degenerate gambler got a room comped for me and my wife so we took advantage. Now that I am back, $20 dollars richer, I will respond to nameless' tag of me in Maidel's meme game.

So here we go, 7 interesting things about me, Cynic.

1) Acrophobia. Not severe but pretty debilitating. Not paralyzing, but enough to make me shake and break out in a sweat. bad enough to have to be pushed off a high diving board into a pool because I could not jump myself. Yet, I absolutely love roller coasters. Maybe the fear makes it more enjoyable, I get more of a rush, I don't know what it is but I avoid high places, like a fat guy avoids broccoli. I keep my distance.

2) I am a huge sports fan. Yankees, Giants, Islanders. 2 out of 3 ain't bad...My mood ranges from happy to euphoric when my teams win, and from sad to deep depression when they lose (except for the Islanders, I have become desensitized to them losing). I follow my teams every day all year round, whether it is their season or not. Newspapers, radio, internet, I use them all for information. So, you might think I play fantasy sports but......

3) ...I hate fantasy sports!!! If you are a fan of any team, root for that team for crying out loud! There is no reason why every sunday you should be sitting watching a completely random football game hoping the backup tight end gets 3 touchdowns, and the wide receiver passes for a score. Be a fan, not an asinine stathead.

4) Obscure 80's bands. One hit wonders. The more obscure the better. Men Without Hats. Lipps Inc. Devo. Bow Wow Wow. Soft Cell. Waitresses. Falco. Dexy's MIdnight Runners. After the Fire. I'm a big fan, period.

5) Biking. Not of the spandex wearing or harley riding variety. just good old bike riding. I am a bit more serious than your average cyclist, but I have not reached the stage where I own more than one bike, ride with a group, have bike specific clothing, or suffer from saddle sores. I just like to get out on my bike and ride. 20-30 miles at a time, upstate is my favorite location, preferably with music in my ears. I aspire to need spandex (for that will mean I lost alot of weight).

6) Cheap. I am cheap. Occassionally petty as well but always cheap. Good qualities in a hooker (cheap anyway - thanks nameless for that one) I don't like to spend money, and when I have to, I minimize it as much as I can. Based on a poll of my two other really cheap friends I placed second. By a wide margin, but also comfortably ahead of the third place finisher.

7) Lastly, I have never gotten completely drunk. Drunk enough to not drive? Yes. Drunk enough to puke in a curbside garbage can? Yes. But completely drunk to the point where I dont remember what happened, or lost control? No. I am way to guarded for that. Deathly afraid if what I will say or do while inebriated to let myself ever reach that stage.

And now the wrap up. Thank you nameless, for making me sit here and come up with this list. I know I told you I would not do it but I decided that I would suck it up and come up with 7 things. They are mostly lame, but they should evoke more than one comment, so I guess I would win in that case. I have but one person to tag, so hopefully this does not die with me. Nemo you're it.

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  1. Sorry that I've been inactive for a while, will try to put something together ... but I assure you it won't be nearly as interesting as the other FFA's.

  2. No should still have some vacation time left...throw something together...#8 for me would have been my insane eating habits, but I figured everyone knew about those already.