Thursday, December 25, 2008

Epic Fail

It has been a few days since I last posted, and I know there are a (very) few of you who may have noticed. The reason is that I have had a Chanukah party every night this week, save for tonight. Why is Chanukah the time designated to annoy the crap out of family and friends with excessive lame parties? (especially from the in-laws side) The rest of the year we don't "party" but com Chanukah and we can't stop. Are we that jealous of all the Christmas parties? If you are, go and bake a fruitcake and leave me out of it. I dont need to be bothered.

But, I wanted to say something else also. Maybe this will explain why my tone is especially bitter tonight. I went skiing today and suffered an epic fall. I am a pretty good skier, everything but the hardest double black diamond trails and I wiped out fantastically on the bottom of a ridiculously easy blue trail. I slammed my head to the floor, bruised my cheek, gave myself whiplash and lastly, suffered a crushing blow to my pride and ego.

Now you know why I am bitter. And no, another Chanukah party from the in-laws side, after Shabbos by the in-laws, will only do one thing; make me homicidal.

It should give me plenty of what to rant about though, but I refuse to see the good in this yet. Stay posted maybe I will find it.



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  2. Oh, you filed this under "sodomy" - the hilarity, the hilarity. If I weren't in the midst of some kind of undocumented competitive eating decathlon, I might have the wherewithal to laugh as hard as that makes me want...

  3. #1 You've been tagged, homeslice.
    #2 Evidently, I am the only human who comments on your blog anymore :)