Tuesday, December 16, 2008

14 Years

As any fan of hard rock and pasty white men with awful corn rows can probably tell you, Guns N' Roses released their long awaited album about a month ago. This, after 14 years and a reported $13 million spent in making it. I am an unabashed fan of G&R and have no qualms about liking the new album, even if Axl is the only remaining member from the original band. I am almost sorry to say, (except that I really don't have time to care) but the album is not really missing Izzy, Slash and Duff. But I did not come here to critique the album. No one cares what I have to say about the music....but the vocals are vintage Axl, and the guitar, featuring Buckethead, while not quite equaling Slash's previous work with the band, is certainly excellent. The lyrics are just as angry, and the total sound is as much over the top now as it was then. Not a *Great* record, but certainly much better than average. But I digress...

The latest story is that W. Axl Rose is Anthropophobic, which according to Websters is a "pathological fear of people or human companionship". That is amazing. All this time he had been keeping the album had been in hiding, and when it finally drops he develops a paralyzing phobia of people and goes into hiding himself. Oh the irony.

I now go back to listening to Shwayze (thank you Maidel for the download) while I study....


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