Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday Gig

No I am not going to post a d'var torah here in honor of shabbos. I prefer to keep business (or Torah) in this case separate from (guilty) pleasure.

So in the spirit of Shabbos I will leave you with this thought. Is there anything more torturous than having to sit down to a Seudah Shlishis on one of these short shabbosim? You just finished eating, with barely enough time to sleep it off! Bear in mind this is coming from a man with a voracious appetite and somewhat of a bottomless pit for a stomach. Do you really want to sit down and eat tuna and eggsalad at 4:30 Shabbos afternoon? Do you? Really? Why?

Gut Shabbos,


  1. That may be my biggest sin. I don't eat seudat shlishit. Even in the summer, I'm always hungry at the wrong time. So, unless I'm a guest and then have no say, I skip it or eat when I want to, sans challah.

  2. If this is your "biggest sin" then congratulations of the highest order!
    I always try to wash but in the winter months that is generally all I eat. Wash, have a piece of challah, sit and moan about how it is the wrong time to eat (even for me), bench and move on.

    Then at about 7:00 and again at 11:00 I find myself starving so I try to make up for it by having melave malka twice :)

  3. When not in the middle of a bid for the Guiness World Record for Longest Finals Studying Conducted Without Sleep, I usually am not a big eater. I usually try to eat one bite of something - challah, chocolate, figs. I figure it's better than nothing, right?

  4. I don't do shalosh seudos...don't tell anyone, my mother's trying to marry me off and this confession may just ruin me.

  5. Well you should not have admitted it then. This obviously makes you a horrible person. I am sure all the shadchanim, wherever you live are busy putting a line through your name as we speak.

    Just kidding, I hope what I wrote is not true for your sake, but if that should happen do not blame me, I warned you...