Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blue Jean(s)

One final thought for the day. What is so terrible about wearing jeans? Why, when upon seeing a frum guy wearing jeans is the first thought in someones head always derisive? Jeans are made from cotton the last time I checked. Are they sewn in Satan's workshop? Are they the product of awful child labor? Is it the color? The texture? The taste? Their association with the rebels of yesteryear? The fact that only cool kids, or the so-called "bums" wear them? The 5 pockets instead of 4? The way they fit? (and I am not even referring to skinny jeans, more on that a different time).

What exactly is wrong with jeans?!?!?!?



  1. "Their association with the rebels of yesteryear?"

    That would be the one. One of my rebbeim back in high school used to tell us that we look like hippies.

  2. Awesome. I don't know how old you are but the fact that your rebbe compared you to hippies is absolutely phenomenal. Obviously the older you are the less hilarious this statement becomes, but it is still damn funny. Did you go to a Brooklyn yeshiva? :)

  3. I think that's too obvious - let's do a more global take on it, shall we? Jeans are made of denim, denim is a French fabric named after the town of Nimes ("de Nimes", beh - voila) and as we all know, American Jews hate France for all the reasons other Americans do, plus the whole North African thing (actual quote from Jewish friend: "Well, you don't want to move to an Arab country, so France is out.") and Jews in Israel can't stand the French because they buy up all the good property and then leave it vacant and -- BAM -- everyone's forced to settle Hebron and look what happens.

    See? Yeshiva rebbeim are the first line of defense, here.

  4. The history of Denim you gave, while informative was not exactly scintillating, but thanks for that bit of trivia.
    When you started in on the French, and your friends ridiculous French-Arab statement that was tasty!
    People really apparently are that dumb....

  5. Mon cher ami Cynique - je suis de la cote azur, alors bien sur que je parle francais! Ma famille a habite la depuis ma grandmere etait petite, et ce pour ca je peux te dire: il y a des gens tres betes partout. Il est vraiment insupportable.

    There's no accent marks, but you get the idea.

  6. Well I actually didn't get the idea, but thanks to the wonder that is Google Translate I understand now. French Riviera you say? tres romantique...

    Stupidity transcends all cultural boundaries.

  7. Nah, this was in Pittsburgh actually. And I'm 22, so this was in the semi-recent past. The particular rabbi seems like he's been in a cave since the 60's, so that might explain it.

  8. You know, it does sound romantic - the sun, the sea, the relaxed attitude. Until it hits your pre-teen self that all that really just means "old lady saggy boobs on the beach all day, every day."

    That being said, you're welcome anytime :)

  9. I guess you are right. Being "on the beach all day, every day" would have gotten to me too.