Monday, December 15, 2008

Boogie Shoes

So if you are not holed up in some bunker, you probably have heard that President Bush was the target of a shoe throwing attack:

I for one think this is hilarious. Watch the whole video and you will see that Bush is much cooler than anyone thinks. For starters, he went in for the handshake with the Iraqi PM like they were frat brothers. Then when the guy throws the shoe he sidesteps the first one, doesn't even flinch at the next one, and jokes about it after! How cool is that? (and the Iraqi PM makes an attempt to block the second shoe, but notice how he didn't try too hard...)

I know, Obama could have done better right? Obama would have caught the shoe. Obama would have dunked it on his sorry ass. Obama would have....

Oh, and did anyone else realize that the Secret Service was incredibly slow in getting there? You think maybe they are tired of protecting his lame duck ass, and just want to see what it's like being the pimping for Obama? I wonder if there isn't some truth to that....


1 comment:

  1. I watched this a billion times yesterday and I thought the same thing!

    1. Georgie actually waves off the help of a Secret Service guy - he holds up his hand like, "Hey, hey, hey there - just hang on a second Mr. Sarkozy - it's the last five minutes of Reba...."
    2. I strongly suspect that the majority of the Secret Service agents were all in the back going "Really, it doesn't look that bad. Might be better just to finish off this jelly doughnut -- what? Totally correct, Mark, these little suckers just don't keep!"
    3. No, clearly Obama would have rent the Space-Time Continuum in order to freeze the shoe in mid-air only to immediately use telekinesis thereby change the course of the offending object in mid-air. Then, as it hurtled towards from whence it came, Obama would have restarted the earth's rotation while using The Force on the journalist in question, convincing him of his sudden, unyielding hunger for shoe leather.

    That Obama's a real mensch.