Monday, December 15, 2008

If I Could Only Flag Her Down

I am annoyed at myself. The last post was lame and I should not have written it. I usually don't post twice a day but I am kinda angry at myself, and I don't want that post as the top one on my blog for the next day or two. So now with some Offspring playing in my headphones, I can write the post I should have written for today.

What is wrong with people that they can't say Good Shabbos when you pass them on the street? I went to a different shul this past shabbos, and while walking to and from shul which is a few blocks from my house I passed numerous people; men, women, old, young, in between. I made it a point to give a little nod and say "Good Shabbos" to these people. No one f*@#ing answered back!!!! What the hell is wrong with people?! Are the women afraid they are gonna catch some sort of STD by saying Good Shabbos to a guy? Is this what they teach in BY these days? Are the single girls so nervous at hearing a guy's voice that they can't answer back? How about the married women, does wearing $4,000 shaitel automaically make you a rude b*tch? I am not asking for your parking spot, or a sexual favor I am just saying God Shabbos. Common courtesy would dictate that you answer me, or at least nod! Why was I ingnored by every person?
This extends to men as well. Do they think tbey are gonna get AIDS? Are they afraid saying Good Shabbos to a guy makes them a homosexual? I thought maybe that was the reason, but then I remembered Jacob da Jew quoting a post by the Material Maidel about how jewish boys have no beitzim, and realized that it made sense. If you have no balls, then maybe you are shy and awkward around other men, like a preteen girl would be. To this I say "Grow a pair!" It is a frikkin Good Shabbos, not a sexual proposition!

And I am not asking for anyone to initiate this, I know that a snowball has a better chance in hell than that happening.

So what's the deal?



  1. personally, i just find it kind of annoying. i have no idea why, its too friendly, too phony, too cliche.. i dont know. i never mean to offend, its just that by the time i realize i should answer, theyre already a few steps behind.
    why do you say good shabbos to strangers?

  2. The good shabbos I am referring to, is not the phony, with a big smile, and outstretched hand, kind of good shabbos. i am just talking about a polite nod and a quick good shabbos. As for why i do it? I dont really know, but i always give a polite nod, or wave to strangers, so on shabbos I say good shabbos to other jews. Just kinda what I do.

    Now I can tell the difference between someone who just didn't react fast enough, like you, and someone who is just terror stricken. I usually look at the person from a few feet away, nod my head, then say good shabbos. Most people have enough time to react and just ignore me.

    I could be in the minority on this, I just had to give my opinion.

  3. I think the nod is polite and more importantly, very much in the spirit of the day. I think the fact that people don't respond is indicative of the craptastic way most people (not just Jews) behave today (in cities in particular - in the Midwest I have been bowled over by Shabbat Shaloms). Most people are so consumed by what's going on internally, they completely miss conversation attempted in a unanticipated setting. So it's not that that hot chani is a monstrous twat of a human, just that she is composing her next Craigslist post.

  4. You had the serious vibe down 'til you got to the hot chani and her craigslist post. That was a masterstroke. Assuming of course you mean she is thinking about her next personal ad she will list. A listing for a stroller is not a good enough reason not to say good shabbos.

    I sort of disagree with you - "people are so consumed by whats going on internally" - I would agree more with your first statement, that people are just generally craptastic.

    Yes, New Yawkers are more *craptastic* (I dont really like the word but I will go with it for now) than other places, but I usually enjoy that, as they tend to leave me alone. But on shabbos as you say, it is very much in the spirit of the day, so smile and nod damnit!

  5. To be honest, I used a much more offensive word than "craptastic" at first, but rescinded after it occurred to me that people might be mistaking me for something other than the lovely little girl I am.

    1. Have you even searched the NYCL for "frum"? I found out about that from (frum?) Frum Satire and I couldn't sleep for *days* - kinky mothers....
    2. It's not enough to say that people are generally lacking; one must attempt to identify *why* and in the sincere seeking of this answer hopefully discover ways to better themselves and others. Otherwise, there is absolutely no redemptive value to humanity and I can finally just gorge myself to death on lamb and call it a day.

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm gorging myself on lamb sounds nice right about now. Considering I have a 2 day old bagel and cream cheese with me and nothing else to eat.

    Yes, i have searched CL for frum, and i find it to be both equally sad and hilarious. Sad because some of these postings are real, and it pains me to see people actually doing this. Funny, because the fake ones (or the real ones that are just plain ridiculous - see FrumSatire on the Israeli gangbang team) are just to hilarious not to laugh at.